Tommy Robinson: Tracking Down a Potential Jihadi

This week’s been stressful, to say the least.

Two addresses have been published online, claiming to be mine: they’re not. Innocent families have been put at risk thanks to far left internet trolls telling people to turn up to these addresses and kill me and my family.

It came to a head when one Muslim published videos threatening to rape and murder my wife and children. I thought the Police were finally doing something about it, but they failed me yet again. So this time I took matters into my own hands and did their job for them.

It turns out the man struggled with mental health issues and was being groomed and influenced by other Muslims, and he claims to have been brainwashed by Ali Dawah.

This man is clearly mentally unstable, and I hope he gets the care he needs. And I hope if he gets this help, then it prevents him from being groomed any further by Muslims in London.

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