The NDP and a possible path to a second victory

The polls showed a collapse in the NDP’s political fortunes, and the early success of Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party had many wondering if Notley’s government was doomed. There was, and still is, talk of the NDP being “one and done.”

But it’s too early to write off Notley’s government as a temporary blip in Alberta’s political history.

The next provincial election is more than a year away — two if the NDP pushes the election timetable into 2020. That’s plenty of time for the NDP to recover in the polls and affections of Albertans.

The party has some big political assets, some strong cards to play. The most important of which, is Premier Rachel Notley.

Whatever Albertans think of her government’s record, Notley is an honest and sympathetic character from a family with deep roots in Alberta politics. Sunny, seen as in-touch with concerns of Albertans.