Monsef passport questions resurface following trip to Davos

Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef may have travelled to Switzerland the other week using a passport with false information, the Toronto Sun has learned.

In late November 2017, news broke that Monsef still hadn’t resolved the issues with her citizenship and had yet to receive a new and updated passport. At the time, Monsef’s office did not respond to questions from the Sun about whether the minister had travelled outside of Canada, and, if so, what passport she used.

Last week, however, Monsef announced she was travelling outside of Canada on a government business trip.

“En route to Davos this morning for the 2018 World Economic Forum,” Maryam Monsef wrote on Twitter on Jan. 22, 2018, posting a photo of herself walking towards a VIP jet. The minister was part of the Canadian entourage that travelled to Switzerland to participate in a junket of fellow global elites.

When it came to the passport she used, Monsef’s office confirmed that the minister’s passport issues have yet to be resolved.

MALCOLM: Monsef passport questions resurface following trip to Davos

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