BONOKOSKI: Evolving resume of PM Justin Trudeau

He came out, shirt sleeves rolled up, and gave what appeared to be an unscripted monologue on his younger years — privileged, well-travelled, well-connected, et cetera — and what finally led him to enter politics against his previous better judgment.

If I were in that audience, and at the age of most of the attendees, I would have been wowed too.

Trudeau’s father wowed me into voting for him — once — when I was around the same age, and therefore just as naïve and malleable.

But that’s political water under a long-crumbled bridge.

During his pre-amble to his student-based audience in Chicago, however, what struck me was Justin Trudeau stating that, as a teacher, he taught pre-law to Grade 12 students.

This was news to me.

At that point in his life, and seemingly even since, Trudeau had not studied law, yet here he was telling a young audience of future political staffers that he taught pre-law to students about to graduate from high school in British Columbia.

On what pretext, and on what authority? His father was a lawyer, yes, but does genetics pass down the education gene and allow one to teach pre-law with no credentials?