Environment Minister “McQuota” confuses North and South Korea on Twitter

Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna thinks the Winter Olympics are being held in North Korea.

There’s an ongoing mainstream media charm and propaganda offensive taking place on behalf of the North Koreans.

McKenna has been so charmed, swayed and persuaded by this propaganda that she now thinks the winter Olympics are being held in the hermit prison nation of North Korea.

She tweeted this gem:

Test question to all the Canadians watching the Olympics. Which Canadian Senators were also Olympians? #TeamCanada #Pyongyang2018

Except Pyongyang is in North Korea.

PyeongChang is in South Korea, and that’s where the Olympic games are being held.

That’s the place the Canadian government, the one McKenna works in, has spent millions of dollars to send our athletes.

Watch as I lay out all the other times McKenna has driven her Twitteraccount right into the ditch – from heaping praise on dictators to confusing a puffin for a penguin.

And they wonder why I call her Climate Barbie.

Source: https://www.therebel.media/environment_minister_mcquota_confuses_north_and_south_korea_on_twitter