Simmering Rural Crime Debate Continues In Alberta

Simmering Rural Crime Debate Continues In Alberta

This is a very contentious issue in Alberta with  the outcome of the Gerald Stanley verdict

Lengthy RCMP response times, combined with a rural independent streak lead people in rural areas to invest more in security — including arming themselves and buying dogs for protection, he said. The Stanley case has revealed how many people believe that shooting someone to protect propertyis justifiable.

“A 30-minute to 45-minute response time is probably typical in a rural area,” Ruddell said. “It could be much longer depending on road conditions and whether the Mounties can even find your farm.”


Property thefts and other crimes also tend to rise in rural areas during economic downturns.

Hanna, in east central Alberta, was one community that saw a major increase in violent rural crime between 2015 and 2016, the most recent year for which detailed community-level data is available.

A year-to-year swing of 172 per cent represented an overall increase of 53 offences — showing how a few crimes can quickly drive up crime rates in areas with small populations.

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