IFP: The “Right” to Die

IFP: The “Right” to Die

It is interesting that in our world – it is – “legal” – to Kill Ones Self –
over a long period of time – such as with cigarettes – this is called “commerce”

but if One takes Ones own Life abruptly – and without authorization from –
those in “authority” – it is considered illegal – immoral – unjust –
and if they could – they would punish One – for so doing

but alas they shall also proclaim that “God” –
shall as well – condemn – punish – One – for so – doing –

and yet as we R all Beings of God –
how is it that “god” shall condemn –
that which is its – Self – being – U –

how is it that humans justify such condemnation – eternal damnation –
of One who has chosen to end – Not the life of another – but of Ones – Self –

when throughout All of human history – humans have beset upon each other –
and terminated the existence of Millions in the very name of the same
God – they say condemns such actions – thoughts – words – and deeds

such is the ignorance – folly – dolor – of man

ask of Ones Self –
who is it – that has the right – authority – ability
to determine the timing of “Your” – death

is such decision to be left unto – another – or others
or is such determination the sole responsibility of
the Being so choosing to terminate its temporal – Self

and if One believes that ONLY “God” shall make such determination –
what say ye then to our nations – use of capital punishment – and of War –
as such is entirely adjudicated by “humans” in positions of “Authority”

let Not another – make Ones Own determinations in Life for – U –
but rather as it is “Your” – Life – being lived by – U –
is it not – U – that should make such – decisions –

is it True for – U – that another shall determine –
how long U shall suffer – linger in pain and agony –
before U R released from the form that is your body

Be Happy – Live Long – Love Often

Great Op –¬†Overburdened_Planet
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