Kenny to Notley; anything you have done I’d have done sooner

Pity poor Jason Kenney, having to sit back and watch as Premier Rachel Notley take a strong stance for Alberta in the pipeline brouhaha.

Apparently Kenny had enough this week. Enough of Notley building Brownie points with voters. Enough of letting her take the lead. She was looking tough. Well Kenney is going to look tougher.

To that end, Kenney came out swinging this week saying he would be prepared to stop permits for the shipment of Alberta oil to B.C. through the Trans Mountain line, which pumps 300,000 barrels of petroleum products to Vancouver each day.

Yup, he’s gonna pull the plug, er.. actually he’s going to install the plug. You don’t want to help Alberta export oil, you don’t get any Alberta oil at all. Plus, you may also get a toll on B.C. Natural Gas shipments.

It’s not an empty threat. Despite Notely’s strong stand against B.C.’s pipeline actions, there is every chance Alberta will have a new Premier next year, and his name will be Jason Kenney.

“My message to John Horgan is: I may very well be sitting across the table from you in 14 months. And if you’re unable to come to an understanding with your fellow New Democrat Rachel Notley, just wait until you’re sitting across the table from me,” Kenney said.

That should send shivers down Horgan’s spine.

Notley, while talking tough, has also been quite civil. She and Horgan hale from the same party roots, after all. Kenny, genetically predisposed to mistrusting the Left, has now indicated he’s not going to be so nice.