Canadians pay some of the highest wireless prices in the world — but report says they’re worth it

Australia’s average monthly prices for cellphone plans were consistently cheaper than Canada’s — up to $37 less a month.

Yet according to data included in MEI’s own report, Australia has larger geographical challenges than Canada, invested more per capita on telecommunication services between 2005 and 2015 — and offers faster network connection speeds.

“The coverage was excellent,” said Tom Lockyer, of Brantford, Ont., who recently vacationed in Australia.

While Down Under, Lockyer said he scored a wireless deal offering 15 GB of data for one month for $20 — half the price of what he was paying at the time in Canada for a plan with just one GB.

“I don’t know why there’s not that competition here,” he said. “Canada’s paying some of the highest prices in the world and I can’t justify the reason.”