Study: Young Men in Sweden Twice As Likely To Be Killed in Shootings Compared to Rest of Europe

A new study has claimed young men in Sweden are twice as likely as their European counterparts to be victims of a deadly shooting as gang violence across the country has continued to grow.

The study, which was published in the European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research this week, compared Sweden to twelve other European countries, finding young men aged 15 to 29 were ten times more likely to be fatally shot than young men in Germany and six times more likely to be shot than young men in Britain, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Over the past ten years, the researchers claim that gun violence in Sweden has dramatically increased, but criminologist Manne Gerell, one of the researchers who authored the paper, said that this did not fully explain the results of the study.

Gerell said that more research was needed to explain why Sweden had such different results from other European countries.

“We have gone from younger men being shot a little more often than older men until now they are shot much more often,” Gerell said.