Tool Shed Brewery beats city hall, wins patio approval

Sherman said during the process to get his patio licence, there were a number of issues cited by inspectors, along with more than $10,000 in costs and 600 man hours.

His favourite issue, however, he said was the case of the missing wall.

One day, a city inspector told Sherman there used to be wall in a certain area of the brewery but noted there was no previous permit issued to take down the wall.

Sherman said he was confused because he’d owned the brewery for almost five years and there had never been a wall in the indicated area, but the inspector insisted that had been the case.

“We had to go to the owner of the building, who also declared never since we owned this building has there been a wall there,” Sherman recalled. “But this inspector . . . made us go and hire an engineer and an architect and get engineer drawings to design a plan to apply for a demolition permit to take down a wall that did not exist.

“Somebody 10 years ago, how many tenants past, took down a wall and didn’t apply for a permit and now we can’t put a picnic table out front,” he said.

Full article: Calgary Sun