As Investigators Move Closer To The Truth, Obama Officials Feel The Squeeze

A “pincer movement,” otherwise known as a double envelopment, occurs when a military force attacks both flanks of an advancing enemy force simultaneously. At a certain point, only two options remain for the enemy troops; they can either surrender or they can fight to the last man.

Over the last couple of weeks, Obama era DOJ and FBI officials have become the enemy troops surrounded by Congressional investigators on one side and the DOJ Inspector General and his team on the other side. They are starting to feel a bit squeezed as their false narrative starts to unravel.

Due to leaks from the first draft of the IG report, the former drip, drip, drip of information has become a steady stream. Each new piece of information we uncover advances President Trump’s position as it diminishes the credibility of Robert Mueller. Last week’s revelation of (FBI plant) Stefan Halper’s attempts to infiltrate the Trump campaign means that DOJ and FBI officials have irretrievably lost the ability to control the narrative.

Newt Gingrich tells Sean Hannity (please see video below) this is becoming “the biggest and the most sobering political scandal in history.” He explains that this scandal has two different “fronts”: One front is covering up for Hillary Clinton and the other is to stop Donald Trump at any cost.