Hawaii man describes ‘powerful and hot’ lava bomb snapping his leg in half

As the nation was transfixed on the bright red lava spewing from fissures created by Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, one island a resident told his frightening tale of getting too close to the molten rock — and nearly losing a leg to a “powerful and hot” lava bomb.

The ongoing fountains of lava can be seen billowing from a volcanic fissure as Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano as the 20th day of ongoing eruptions sends lava into the Pacific Ocean and threatens a geothermal power plant. Several volcanic fissures have reactivated this week after an explosive eruption at the summit of Kilauea on May 17, which caused a continuous lava flow.

The video livestreamed from Civil Beat shows bright orange lava spewing from the fissures in in Lower Puna.


Darryl clinton

Darryl Clinton said the lava bomb hit him in the shin and snapped his leg in half.  (KHON)

Though officials have urged residents to steer clear of the molten rock, several people have been mesmerized by the volcanic activity.

For Darryl Clinton, it’s an “event of a lifetime” to watch the lava from the comfort of his home on the Big Island’s Puna district.

“It was incredible. It was an event of a lifetime. Every aspect of the lava was there. The sounds, the sites, the flowing lava, the aa, the fissures, it was all happening at one time,” Clinton told KHON.