GOLDSTEIN: Horwath fails the test of leadership

GOLDSTEIN: Horwath fails the test of leadership

It’s time to judge NDP leader Andrea Horwath by the standards we expect of the next premier of Ontario, rather than as the perennial third-place finisher in provincial elections.

By that standard, Horwath failed miserably on Friday.

That happened after the Progressive Conservatives made two serious allegations against Scarborough-Agincourt NDP candidate Tasleem Riaz.

First, that Riaz posted a neo-Nazi meme with an “inspirational” quote from Adolf Hitler on her Facebook page on Oct. 18, 2013.

It showed a picture of Hitler standing in a car giving the Nazi salute to passing troops.


The accompanying text reads: “The Ruler said about Rule If you don’t like a Rule … Just Follow it .. Reach on the Top .. and Change the Rule — Adolf Hitler.”

Second, the PCs said in an April 15, 2011 posting on Facebook, Riaz described Canadian forces in Afghanistan as, “slaughtering … innocent Men, Women and Children”, and that voting for federal Conservatives or Liberals would result in, “our ballots turned in to bullets against our Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Labia.” 

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