Ken Sim Could be Vancouver’s First Chinese-Canadian Mayor

Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association certainly dodged a bullet Sunday night when the party membership elected Ken Sim as their mayoral candidate for the upcoming civic election. They could have come up with a winner. Sim could just be the guy to be the city’s first Chinese-Canadian mayor, or the first mayor of any colour but white for that matter.

And nobody delights in that more than NPA president Gregory Baker.

This nomination process has been disputatious at the very least. Baker has been dogged by the newest NPA Coun. Hector Bremner and his supporters for weeks ever since the NPA board refused to accept Bremner as a candidate for mayor because of allegations of conflicts of interest. Bremner, who only joined council after a byelection win last fall, is now threatening to run under a party label of his own making.

A bigger problem for the NPA than Bremner leading up to Sunday night’s vote was potential nominee Glen Chernen. Chernen is a lawsuit waiting to happen. But he was approved as a candidate in the nomination tussle.