EDITORIAL: The bottom line is this pipeline must be built

Canada is blessed with abundant natural resources to sell and there are willing buyers around the world who need what we produce.

But in the case of oil we can’t efficiently get that product to market, and as a consequence, mostly sell to the U.S. at a discount.

Northern Gateway was rejected by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Energy East was cancelled by TransCanada. And Trans Mountain … well the jury’s still out on this all-important project.

It’s important because we can’t let climate ideologues claim a hat trick victory by scuttling three successive pipeline projects in a row.

Trudeau says he understands this. He says this is exactly why he shelled out $4.5 billion of taxpayer dollars to purchase the existing pipeline, plus the prospects of a twinned pipeline. The whole reason he bought the pipeline from Kinder Morgan is that he wants to see it built, he says.

Excuse us if we doubt Trudeau’s motives. After all, he’s the one who suggested Canada should “phase out” the oil sands. He’s the one who continues to push an unpopular carbon tax on the whole country.

And it’s not yet clear how he’s going to finish building Kinder Morgan under a Crown corporation when he couldn’t manage to push the project forward when it was owned by a private company.

B.C. Premier John Horgan still opposes it, meanwhile eco-warriors and opposing First Nations are only expected to ramp up their civil disobedience.

That said, we need to play the cards as they lay. And right now the federal government is poised to take ownership of this pipeline.