Bell: Calgary city hall, so where’s my $10,814.54?

Bell: Calgary city hall, so where’s my $10,814.54?

Lookee here, another perk for city hall, another doling out of dough, another trip to the taxpayer ATM.

You know city hall. By now you know it well, like a recurring bad dream.

The place where your property tax dollars go to die, the place where they tell us they’ve cut to the bone.

Well, the intrepid Colin Craig of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has done a little of the old Sherlock Holmes routine and dug a nugget out of the city hall gold mine.

Yes, he couldn’t believe what he saw in the back of a city report. He had to look twice. He thought there was no way city hall is giving employees a bonus cheque on their way out the door when they retire.


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