Dr. Bob Sears, renowned vaccine skeptic, placed on probation for exempting child from all vaccinations

Dr. Bob Sears, a renowned Dana Point pediatrician who has been sought out by parents who wish to opt out of the state’s mandatory vaccine requirements, has been placed on probation for 35 months by the Medical Board of California.

The June 27 order, which will go into effect on July 27, allows Sears to continue his medical practice but requires him to go through 40 hours of educational courses for each year of probation and a professional ethics course.

He must also be monitored by another licensed doctor during his probation period.

Sears contended in his Facebook post that he was only trying to help the boy’s mother.

“The mom described how her baby had suffered a moderate to severe neurologic reaction to vaccines three years prior, and she was afraid a judge in her upcoming hearing was going to force her to resume vaccines now,” he said. “Medical records of the reaction were not available yet, and I gave the patient a letter of opinion to show the judge that the reaction was severe enough to justify not doing any more vaccines.”


The Medical Board investigated Sears’s case based on complaints received, said spokesman Carlos Villatoro.

“So, if we get a complaint that a doctor is inappropriately approving medical exemptions to a vaccine, we’re going to look into that,” he said. “There isn’t a specific effort on our part to investigate doctors who approve these exemptions.”

Vaccine exemptions are a controversial issue in California, with passionate advocates on both sides.