Hypocrisy is at the crux of the Trudeau groping allegation

Hypocrisy is at the crux of the Trudeau groping allegation

This is about hypocrisy — not about what did or did not happen at a music festival 18 years ago.

It is about “believing women,” until it happens to you; about taking all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, except if they happen to pass some arbitrary expiration date. It is about employing an unwavering zero-tolerance policy, which, in practice, ends up showing some tolerance for the man at the top.

It is about having one set of standards for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and another set of standards to everyone else. That’s the issue. Not what did or did not happen in Creston, B.C.

For the record, there is no dispute from the two parties in question that something happened at that music festival back when Trudeau was a 28-year-old schoolteacher, before he entered politics.

An editorial published at the time in the Creston Valley Advance accused Trudeau of “groping” a young reporter — an allegation the woman re-affirmed in a statement issued last week.

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