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GOLDSTEIN: Andrea Horwath calling Ford a ‘dictator’ a farce

My favourite joke about Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath and her party these days is that calling their political opponents racists is how they say “hello”.

That started right off the bat at Queen’s Park in the wake of the June 7 election, with Horwath accusing Progressive Conservative Community Safety Minister Michael Tibollo of “racist” remarks — this for referring to wearing a bullet-proof vest on a night shift ride-along in Jane-Finch with police, in response to an NDP question about carding.

Never mind that the police advised Tibollo to wear the vest — when you start off by accusing your opponents of racism in the first session of the new Legislature, there’s not much room for getting even more hysterical in the days ahead.

GOLDSTEIN: Andrea Horwath calling Ford a ‘dictator’ a farce

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