Double Standards Are The Only Standards Liberals Have

Double Standards Are The Only Standards Liberals Have

The charge of racism is tossed around by progressives like it’s an Olympic event and they’re going for the gold. There isn’t much that isn’t call racist these days by the left; support the idea of border security? Racist. Support the idea of borders? Racist. Exhale? Racist. In fact, the only thing leftists won’t label as racist is racism by leftists.

Progressive activists with press credentials across the country rushed to defend Sarah Jeong, the newest leftists to join the New York Times editorial board, when it was discovered that she had a years-long history of tweeting racist comments about white people. (Check them out for yourself, there are dozens, if not hundreds of disgusting, hate-filled thoughts from the newest member of the gang that sets the tone for the “paper of record” that have to be seen to be believed.)

The basic argument from the left is Jeong can’t be a racist because she’s a woman and a minority. Of course, if she had said any of the things she tweeted about blacks or Hispanics and not white people, she’d be condemned because on the progressive sliding scale of victimhood, Asians rate lower than those groups

This stupidity is called “intersectionality,” which is essentially how the left sets up a hierarchy of victimhood. It sets up an order of who can be victimized and who can’t in any given situation. Straight white men are at the top (or bottom) of the scale and since we’re the worst, you can pretty much do or say anything about or to us.

The whole ridiculous concept, which is basically a way for leftists to absolve themselves of their hatred, is explained and mocked in my book, and is too long to go into here. Just know that leftists advocate that it is impossible to be racist toward white people. It’s dismissed by calling it “reverse racism,” which itself is a stupid term. Racism is racism, a “reverse racist” would be someone who isn’t a racist. But such is the state of the political left – they create terms, bastardize others, and never, ever let anything stand in the way of their ultimate goal of obtaining power.