Opinion: Trudeau has shockingly failed the gay community

“Well, at least he’s glamorous.”

That’s all I’ve got left now for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, that truism, which I use when detractors from my orbit remind me that I voted for him because there is a picture of he and I in a gay nightclub and I liked the bulge in his jeans.

Superficial, but it kind of was my basis, and maybe that’s how the gay vote and gay support is seen as won by the Liberal party: “Wear pink, carry glitter, and for God’s sake, know your Taylor Swift and we’re in!”

It feels like that’s the kind of superficiality behind a brunch reception (gays love brunch, girl!) during Montreal’s Pride festival this month, at which Trudeau, avec bulge presumably, will discuss why Pride is important and Canada’s role and contributions to the world. He’ll do this with one of the stars of the Netflix hit, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

Anyone who donates to the Liberal party is entered to win a trip for two to the event and I could all but fall asleep typing about it, it all sounds so boring.

But it is also infuriating. What gall and hypocrisy this man has.

He who promised in his election campaign to rid Canada of something so draconian it shocks and sickens, will join the very group of people it has directly impacted and still does — Trudeau himself even called it discriminatory — and will he be glamorous, despite having failed to thus far deliver to the very crowd with whom he will fabulous brunch?  He will smile and bulge and chat with a food and wine expert from TV, as gooey-eyed sycophants in attendance marvel, never facing the disco music about his shocking failure.

The unfulfilled promise is, of course, that disgusting “gay blood ban,” a revolting hangover that won’t go, back from terrible times when we didn’t know what AIDS was, but that the virus that can lead to AIDS had tainted some of the country’s blood supply.

Gay men being the first population to acquire the virus were banned as an emergency measure and that measure long ago served its purpose. So much testing is now done on blood, a pool of healthy safe donations is being negated, and it’s outrageous that I, a sexually-active gay man cannot donate blood. However, if I lied and said I was straight, but had the same sex life, Canada’s Blood Services would gladly take a donation.

You chew on that at brunch, Mr Trudeau. But then digest this: Beyond arguments touched on here, do you even get that there is a silent toxic subtext, which festers and is allowed to breathe every day you aren’t the man who has the balls that you look like you do?

The government has the authority to kill any regulation which is no longer justified. Is the government buying time and deliberately pushing the issue past the next election?