Drive-by shooting in Rexdale leaves 1 man dead

Drive-by shooting in Rexdale leaves 1 man dead

Toronto police continue to investigate after a man was killed in a drive-by shooting in Rexdale on Wednesday night.

Officers were called for a shooting in a shopping plaza near Martin Grove Road and John Garland Boulevard around 11:30 p.m. after a number of gunshots were reported in the area.

Police said they located a victim in his 30s who was transported to Sunnybrook Hospital by paramedics in life-threatening condition. He was pronounced dead in hospital.

The mother of the victim, who arrived shortly after the shooting, was also taken to the same hospital in shock, police said.

Superintendent Ron Taverner says he’s disturbed by the trend of drive-by shootings he’s seeing. (Linda Ward/CBC)

Police are hoping to locate a silver-coloured vehicle that was spotted in the area at the time of the shooting, according to Supt. Ron Taverner.

He said Toronto has seen “very disturbing” increase in the number of drive-by shootings.

“These things happen in a matter of seconds,” told CBC Toronto.

“In a lot of cases they are using vehicles which are rented or stolen or whatever other means and leave the area very quickly.”

No information about suspects released

Taverner could not say if the shooting was targeted, but the victim was with a female at the time who was uninjured in the shooting. He said a number of people were shopping in the area when the gunfire erupted.

The victim, he said, could have been anyone in that crowd.

Investigators will be looking for surveillance video in the area and are asking that any witnesses come forward with information to help track the gunman and any other suspects down.

Linda Ward


Supt Ron Taverner updates on last night’s homicide. A man in his 30’s was killed in a drive-by shooting at John Garland Plaza in Rexdale

Taverner added there was another shooting in the same area, near Silverstone Drive, on Tuesday that left a man injured. Police will be looking at whether or not there’s a connection between the two incidents.

Police told CBC no arrests have been made, and suspect information has not been released at this point.

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