Larry Nassar at Transfer Facility After First Taste of Prison Justice

When you find yourself at the bottom rung of the moral hierarchy among criminals, it’s time for some serious life introspection.

Unfortunately for convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar, it’s far too late for any introspection to do him good.

Nassar became public enemy no. 1 when it came to light that he had been abusing his position of power as the doctor at both Michigan State and Team USA Gymnastics to sexually assault countless young girls.

It’s a gross, disgusting, cowardly and pathetic display from someone who’s been put in a position of trust and authority.

The despicable actions of Nassar have made him persona non grata in prison, much to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

For whatever varying degrees of fault people in prison undoubtedly have, the stereotype that all of them sneer at child molesters seems to hold true.

According to ESPN, Nassar was moved from the Tucson Federal Correctional Complex to Oklahoma City’s Federal Transfer Center.

Federal Transfer Centers are exactly what they sound like. Inmates sent there are typically awaiting to be moved to another location. News of the transfer was first reported by The Detroit News.

Nassar’s court appointed attorneys filed in July that he had been assaulted almost immediately upon being put into the general population.

It only took hours within the general population for Nassar’s fellow inmates to exact their own brand of justice.

Since even prisoners have daughters, it’s not exactly surprising that Nassar immediately became a target.

Nassar has plead guilty to child pornography charges last summer. He was ultimately sentenced to 60 years for those particular crimes.

At 55 years old, Nassar was basically handed a life sentence from his child pornography charges alone.

As superfluous as it may be, Nassar was sentenced to another 175 years in prison for first-degree criminal sexual conduct crimes in January. His child pornography sentencing had come in December.

Countless gymnasts have come forward to accuse Nassar of sexually abusing them. Some of the biggest names in gymnastics, such as Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, have come out in strong condemnation of Nassar.

Over 300 former patients have ultimately come forward to accuse Nassar.

Based on that appalling number alone, something tells me that it won’t really matter where Nassar gets transferred to. Prison justice may be inescapable.

Larry Nassar at Transfer Facility After First Taste of Prison Justice