Could The Catholic Church Face Federal Investigation Over Sex Abuse Cover-Up?

Could The Catholic Church Face Federal Investigation Over Sex Abuse Cover-Up?

According to a Pennyslvania attorney general, and if a national victims’ rights group gets their way, the federal government might soon be launching an investigation into the Catholic Church.

In a New York Times interviewpublished Monday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro answered questions about Pennsylvania’s recently released grand jury report. The bombshell report, years in the making, implicated over 300 Catholic priests in the sexual abuse of over 1,000 children, over the course of decades.

The secret investigation began in 2016, before Shapiro was even sworn into office. He recalled being given the choice of whether or not to move forward with the case, saying “I made it clear I wanted the investigation to continue. I put the full force of our office into this investigation.”

During the course of the interview, the attorney general spoke out about Pope Francis, the Pennsylvania dioceses that attempted to shut down the investigation, and the attorneys general now following Pennsylvania’s lead, and potentially initiating their own respective investigations.

But it was Shapiro’s words about the Department of Justice’s interest in the case that are now making headlines among Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

When asked if Jeff Sessions ought to open a federal grand jury investigation into allegations of clerical sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, Attorney General Shapiro first attempted to deflect the question.

“I have spoken to a representative of the Department of Justice”, he replied. “Beyond that, I do not think it would be prudent for me to comment.”