ESPN hits Tiger Woods with “unbelievable” race-baiting over apolitical Trump remarks

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the “controversial” comments Tiger Woods made at a press conference in answer to a loaded question about his relationship with President Trump.


After playing 72 holes, an exhausted Woods calmly answered a politicized question, designed to get a specific response, in a very apolitical way, causing Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s “First Take” to completely lose their minds.

Kellerman was “angered” and left sputtering incoherently over the response from Woods that we should simply respect the Office of the Presidency and Smith immediately pulled the race cardnoting that Woods is “Cablinasian”, not Black.

Unbelievable. Injecting race and identity politics into sports is so counterproductive to the goal of bringing people together and what ESPN is doing only divides us.