Handgun ban supported by majority of Canadians: Nanos survey

Handgun ban supported by majority of Canadians: Nanos survey

A total ban on handgun ownership in Canada, exempting only police and security professionals, would enjoy significant support among Canadians, according to a new survey by Nanos Research.

The survey conducted for CTV News found that 48 per cent of Canadians would support such a ban, while another 19 per cent would somewhat support it.

Twenty-one per cent of respondents said they would oppose a ban, and another 10 per cent said they would somewhat oppose it. Three per cent said they were unsure about their opinion.

Politicians in two major cities have recently asked the federal government to implement some form of a handgun ban.

Toronto city councillors asked for permission to ban the sale of handguns and ammunition within city limits in July following a mass shooting that left two people dead and 12 others injured. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has opposed the request, saying it would unfairly penalize responsible gun owners.

Councillors in Montreal took things a step further, requesting a nationwide ban on handguns and assault rifles.

It is believed that an illegally acquired gun was used in the Toronto mass shooting on Danforth Avenue. The gun used in a shooting in Fredericton, N.B., last month was legally obtainable, and the suspect in that shooting had a valid licence to obtain it.