Singh: Scorned MP Weir not welcome in NDP caucus

Singh: Scorned MP Weir not welcome in NDP caucus

OTTAWA — Jagmeet Singh won’t allow scorned MP Erin Weir to run as a New Democrat in the next election — a decision that has caused a rupture between the NDP leader and the party’s long-standing members in Saskatchewan.

In a letter to Weir this week, Singh says he isn’t confident the Saskatchewan MP won’t repeat the harassing behaviour that got him kicked out of the NDP caucus last spring.

Consequently, Singh says he rejects the MP’s request to be readmitted to the NDP caucus and won’t approve his candidacy for the 2019 election.

But 67 former New Democrat MPs and MLAs from Saskatchewan have now written to all NDP members of Parliament, accusing Singh of denying Weir due process and unfairly maligning his character, while flouting the party’s constitutional rules for dealing with harassment complaints.