Feinstein played Ford like a pawn

I have no doubt that Ford has been deeply affected by the misogynistic cruelty of high school boys when she was just 15. Nor do I doubt that someone whom she believes to be Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her in her youth. Her apparent fragility made clear she believes what she says.

But the science on the weakness and malleability of human memory and the fact that none of the witnesses that Ford has named corroborate her story raise concerning questions about the accuracy of the specific claims against Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh’s emotional defense of his character and indictment of the confirmation process was an important reminder that none of this is really about him or even Christine Blasey Ford.

It’s about abortion, plain and simple.

Because Feinstein had no interest in the truth of the allegation. Feinstein’s interests were purely political: fire up the “resistance,” bring home a high-profile scalp for the #MeToo movement, and shore up the left flank in order to fend off a progressive Senate challenger.

Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues don’t care whether they re-traumatized Ford, destroyed the reputation of a faithful public servant, or destroyed the credibility of our public institutions. Because, well, abortion.

Welcome to the Resistance.