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GOLDSTEIN: Fact-checking Trudeau’s math

Largely overlooked in the controversy over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax released Tuesday, was Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux’s economic and fiscal outlook for the federal government.

Giroux is an independent, non-partisan financial watchdog on government spending, who reports to Parliament.

His report, also released Tuesday, reminds us of how absurdly optimistic Trudeau’s predictions of Canada’s annual deficits would be under his leadership, when he was campaigning in the 2015 election which brought him to power.

That’s relevant today, given Trudeau’s prediction Tuesday the carbon tax he’s imposing on Canadians living in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick next year will leave 70% of them better off financially. (With 30% worse off.)

GOLDSTEIN: Fact-checking Trudeau’s math

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