Teens sought after Jewish boys attacked near Bathurst and Lawrence

Teens sought after Jewish boys attacked near Bathurst and Lawrence

Four Jewish teenage boys were victims of an alleged hate crime in the Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue area this weekend.

At around 8 p.m. on Sunday, four 17-year-old boys were walking dressed in attire of their religious faith, police said.

As they were walking, they were approached by a group of nine teenagers who were not known to them. Investigators said derogatory comments against the boys’ religion were made as the two groups crossed paths.

“They were being made fun of based on what they were wearing,” Toronto police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante told CP24 on Monday afternoon.

“They were wearing their yarmulkes on their heads – aside from that I’m not quite sure what their basic outfit was, but that was the comment that was being made to them and that’s when the assault occurred.”

The larger group then allegedly assaulted two of the teenage boys by kicking and punching them.

One of the boys had his sunglasses stolen during the incident.

Police say the perpetrators fled the scene before officers arrived, but authorities were able to locate and arrest one suspect. The outstanding suspects have only been described by officials as being in their “early teens.”

The victims were treated at the scene for their minor injuries.