Tijuana Health Officials: More Than One-Third of Caravan Riders Have Infectious Diseases

Tijuana Health Officials: More Than One-Third of Caravan Riders Have Infectious Diseases

According to the Tijuana Health Department, more than one-third of those who rode the caravan from Central America are being treated for an illness. Out of the 6,000 illegal aliens who are currently in Tijuana, 2,267 of them are are ill. Diseases include respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other more serious conditions, Fox News reported.

The Tijuana Health Department spokesperson who spoke with Fox News confirmed that there are:
• Three confirmed cases of tuberculosis.
• Four cases of HIV/AIDS.
• Four separate cases of chickenpox.
• At least 101 have lice.
• Multiple skin infections.

The department is also warning about a potential Hepatitis outbreak because the caravan riders are living in unsanitary conditions. Part of that is because thousands of the illegal aliens are being housed at the Benito Juarez Sports Complex near the San Ysidro United States-Mexico Port of Entry. The shelter is only designed to hold 1,000 people and has 35 port-a-potties for them.

“People aren’t able to take showers, they sleep on the floor, nobody is cleaning the bathrooms, so the conditions are there for a major infection,’ Carlos Betanzos, a coordinator for Ministerios Nazarenos de Compasión, an Evangelical aid group, told The Daily Mail.We’ve had lung disease, flu, diarrhea, hypertension. One guy yesterday had chicken pox – but thankfully just one.”

Betanzos said their main concern right now is the flu, which is likely to spread amongst the group because colder temperatures and rain are beginning to set in.