Survivor, Parents Sue Noblesville School Shooter’s Parents

NOBLESVILLE, IN – Along with her parents, the Noblesville West Middle School student shot seven times during a May school shooting filed a civil lawsuit last month in Hamilton County against the shooter’s parents. According to court documents, the lawsuit from the Whistler family was filed on Nov. 19.

The family is demanding a jury trial on all of their claims against the shooter’s parents. The lawsuit alleges that the shooter’s parents knew or should have known that their son had “unusual and potentially violent propensities,” and “should have taken reasonable steps to prevent” and “closely monitor” their son’s access their firearms, ammunition and other weapons.

According to court documents, the Whistlers also claimed the shooter’s parents failed in their duty of realizing that their son suffered from mental and psychological disorders, and “took pleasure in violence in others, and lacked empathy.”

The lawsuit alleges Ella wouldn’t have suffered the injuries from the shooting and expenses if the shooter’s parents were negligent in closely monitoring their son and access to their firearms and ammunition.

Ella was shot seven times on the morning of May 25 while in teacher Jason Seaman’s classroom.

Seaman was shot three times as he threw himself into the line of fire, disarming the teen as he swatted the gun from the shooter’s hand.