Trudeau rejects evidence and pushes for handgun ban

Trudeau rejects evidence and pushes for handgun ban

So much for fact-based, evidenced-based policy.

Throughout the 2015 election campaign and countless times since in the House of Commons, Trudeau and his ministers have said that unlike the Conservatives, they base their policies on fact. They even put it in their 2015 election platform.

“Government should base its policies on facts, not makeup facts to suit a preferred policy,” the platform reads.

“Responsible governments rely on sound data to make their decisions. We will release to the public key information that informs the decisions we make.”

Yet despite releasing any evidence to back up their call for stricter handgun laws, Trudeau used the 29th anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre to say he will move ahead with stricter gun laws.

Appearing on Montreal radio station 98.5 with Paul Arcand, Trudeau said restricting handguns further is not out of the question.