Justin Trudeau- born and raised a communist

Justin Trudeau- born and raised a communist

Canada is an interesting country. Spreading across the top of the Nth American continent it has widely varying cultural norms. (I lived in both Montreal and Edmonton for a few years, so I know) Canada’s current PM, Justin Trudeau, was elected by Eastern Liberals and is viewed with intense distaste by Canadians in other parts of the country.

Trudeau has made a name for himself as an extreme left winger, and unsurprisingly, an idiot. Some even suggest that due to his facial characteristics he is the son of Fidel Castro, the murderous Cuban dictator his mother (actress and “flower child” Margaret Sinclair) adored.

The real reason for Trudeau’s political position though is his father Pierre, who was an avowed communist, and Prime minister of Canada for over 15 years. (yes, incredible as it may sound, Canada did put up with him for this long). A writer by the name of Eric Margolis wrote a short biography of Pierre Trudeau upon his death in 2000. Its worth reading as an insight into Justin’s character. Hard to find on the net, the article is now posted here. Read it and know why Justin Trudeau is who he is.

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