EUROPE BREAKING: Major Victory For Yellow Vests As Belgian PM Tells Parliament He Will Resign


The Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel has told Belgian MP’s he will RESIGN from his post.

This will be the first major scalp essentially claimed by the Yellow Vest movement. Protests in Belgium, especially in Brussels, have called for Michel’s resignation over his government signing up to the UN Migration Pact.

Michel was forced to relaunch his government as a minority administration after the biggest party in his governing collation, the Flemish N-VA quit the government over his support for the UN agreement. The N-VA is the biggest party in Parliament, with 31 MPs out of 150 and his been in Michel’s coalition since 2014.

The Socialist and Green opposition to Michel’s government was planning to table a motion of no confidence in his government however he has sensationally sought to preempt the vote by visiting the Belgian King to offer his resignation. Michel told Begiums Parliament: “I have decided to resign and will immediately go to see the king.”

Sources inside the Palace confirmed that Michel DID visit the King to tender his resignation but that the monarch has “suspended” his decision. King Philippe will now have to decide whether to leave Michel in situ until federal elections in May or ask other political leaders to attempt to form a government.