Vice Admiral Mark Norman Can’t Get Access To His Own Emails To Defend Himself. So Why Did Gerald Butts Get Access To His?

Mark Norman Gerald Butts

Two standards of justice: One for the powerful elites connected to Justin Trudeau and the corrupt power structure, another for Canadians like Mark Norman who patriotically serve our nation.

Vice Admiral Mark Norman is currently in court fighting for access to his own records – including emails and documents that would be essential for his ability to defend himself. And defending ourselves in court is a fundamental right of all Canadians.

Yet, the Trudeau government has kept stonewalling over and over again, denying Norman access to his own emails, and denying him a fair defense.

That’s what made Gerald Butts’ testimony quite interesting from the perspective of justice. Because, Butts’ repeatedly referenced text messages and emails produced on government-owned devices when he was in government service.

Mark Towhey@towhey

Fascinating that Butts & PMO staff kept detailed contemporaneous notes, text & email records on discussions they didn’t think were that important about a decision they didn’t know even existed…

… and absolutely nothing in writing about the Mark Norman case. #LavScam91211:07 AM – Mar 6, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy498 people are talking about this

Warren Kinsella@kinsellawarren

Question: how is it that Butts’ private lawyer had access to top-secret-level documentation, as he testified? How does that happen when – across the street – Mark Norman’s lawyers are fighting tooth and nail for PMO/PCO documents showing interference in the prosecution? #cdnpoli1,4042:07 PM – Mar 6, 2019

How did Butts get access to those records?

Why did he get it so quick?

Why didn’t the Trudeau government block him like they’re blocking Admiral Mark Norman?

It’s because there are two standards of justice in our nation.

There’s one standard for people like Gerald Butts, who are connected to powerful elites like Justin Trudeau.

And there’s another standard for the rest of us who aren’t part of the elitist club. Even people who served our nation at the highest level like Admiral Mark Norman aren’t part of the elitist ruling class, so they get the full weight of the system thrown against them.

The whole thing is totally corrupt.

Spencer Fernando