What is Alberta Can’t Wait and Why Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley should be worried


As the dust settled after the 2015 Alberta election, and as the NDP government began down a series of destructive policy paths, a number of groups in Alberta emerged to work towards creating a “united alternative” to the NDP. 

While it was positive to see many Albertans focused around the same cause, it was clear that before a “united alternative” could be created, groups calling for it should first unify.

Alberta Can’t Wait (ACW) is a coalition of five previously independent organizations.

The five organizations that now make up the steering committee of ACW are United Alberta (from Peace River Country) Alberta Can’t Wait (Calgary) the Alberta Conservative Movement (Calgary), Blueprint for Alberta (a project of the Manning Centre), the February 19 Group (Edmonton), the Future of Alberta (Calgary) and the Concerned Conservative Youth (Calgary).  These groups contain a mix of activists from both the PC and Wildrose parties. 

Alberta Can’t Wait is comprised of people who are concerned about the economic and political future of our province.  ACW wants to develop strategies and tactics to help forge a small ‘c’ conservative path forward for Alberta.  We want to unify and motivate conservative Albertans under one political voice. 

In the next provincial election, ACW would like to see one principled conservative candidate standing for election in each constituency.

If you’re concerned about Alberta’s future, we encourage you to get involved and help us get Alberta back on the right track.


The election of the New Democrat government in May 2015 signified a pivot away from what we believe are the fundamentals for building a prosperous province.  Many Albertans are deeply concerned about widespread borrowing, out of control spending, and ever-increasing taxation.  Investor confidence has been eroded by sudden changes in fiscal regimes (or threats thereof), increasing government debt, and wasteful spending.

While the Wildrose party was a necessary vehicle for renewal of the conservative movement in Alberta, and while the PCs created one of the lowest-tax and most prosperous jurisdiction in North America, neither party has gained the trust of a majority of Albertans.  We feel, however, there are many shared values between activists and grassroots members of both parties. 

The combined vote of the PCs and the Wildrose in Election 2015 falls hundreds of thousands short of the ballots cast by Albertans for Stephen Harper’s low-tax plan for jobs and the economy that same year. 

Alberta Can’t Wait wants to make sure every one of those Conservative voters has a single clear conservative choice on their ballots next election.


ACW is made up of volunteers who believe in the values and principles of conservatism – we’re not looking for a‎ quick return to the halls of power. We are excited to work with a variety of like-minded groups who share our values and goals in order to ensure the Alberta Advantage is restored.  We are focused on creating a principled, competent, united alternative to the NDP government.

Our goal is to ensure that Albertans’ interests, not special interests, are at the heart of how our political leaders govern this great province.

Over the past week, Canadians caught a glimpse of the real Justin Trudeau – and what they saw was truly disturbing.

Former Attorney General and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould testified before the House of Commons Justice Committee.

She laid out the sequence of events that led to her ouster from the Justice portfolio, and the relentless pressure campaign that was brought to bear on her by the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, senior PMO and Finance political staff, and the head of Canada’s public service.

Here is a quick summary of the situation that has led to this unprecedented crisis for the Trudeau Liberals:

SNC-Lavalin, a Quebec-based engineering company, was caught engaging in bribery and other corrupt practices in Libya in order to win construction contracts from dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The company even paid for prostitutes for Gaddafi’s son as part of their bribery campaign.

SNC-Lavalin hired an army of high-priced lobbyists to convince Prime Minister Trudeau that a criminal prosecution was too dangerous for the company and that another option – a deferred prosecution agreement – was preferable. A deferred prosecution agreement would mean that SNC-Lavalin woulda admits its guilt and pay a hefty fine to the federal government, but it wouldn’t result in a 10-year ban on federal contracts for the company.

After intensive lobbying, the Trudeau Liberals passed legislation to allow for deferred prosecution agreements in the last budget, clearing the way SNC-Lavalin to avoid criminal prosecution. There was, however, one more hurdle remaining.

The Director of Public Prosecutions – an office established by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a response to the Liberal AdScam and sponsorship scandals – reviewed the situation and determined that a criminal prosecution was warranted given the seriousness of SNC-Lavalin’s misdeeds. The Attorney General (Jody Wilson-Raybould, at the time) had the power to overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions and instead offer SNC-Lavalin the deferred prosecution agreement.

After consideration, Ms. Wilson-Raybould decided not to second guess the Director of Public Prosecutions and allowed the criminal prosecution to continue.

And that’s when the Prime Minister and his team decided that Ms. Wilson-Raybould needed “convincing” to choose the deferred prosecution agreement route.

Convincing, in this case, meant an unprecedented pressure and lobby campaign that involved the Prime Minister and his team threatening Ms. Wilson-Raybould with political punishment if she didn’t give in to their demands.

When asked about it, Prime Minister Trudeau, his (now resigned) Principal Secretary Gerry Butts, and even the Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick (head of Canada’s public service) all denied pressuring Ms. Raybould-Wilson.

They lied.

The fact remains that they pressured her for months, despite her making it clear that she wouldn’t be changing her position.

Many have found the behaviour of the Prime Minister and his senior team to be completely unacceptable. In fact, senior Liberal Minister Jane Philpott (one of the Liberals’ few competent Ministers) resigned her post citing the poor ethical behaviour of Justin Trudeau.

She refused to be associated with his actions and statements any longer.

And this is where we learned something about the real Justin Trudeau.

You see, the Liberals have worked hard to craft an image for Prime Minister Trudeau. He’s a modern, compassionate, feminist man whose top priority is to heal the divisions in our country – particularly with Canada’s indigenous peoples.

This is the Justin Trudeau they want you to see.

However, the real Justin Trudeau is something different.

He’s a man who applied significant pressure – both directly and indirectly – on a female Cabinet Minister, not listening to her when she clearly said “no” to his request.

He’s a man who shuffled out Canada’s first and only Indigenous Justice Minister when she wouldn’t play ball with his crony plan to help out politically well-connected SNC-Lavalin.

He’s a man who then lied, point blank, about not putting pressure on Ms. Wilson-Raybould, and continues to mislead Canadians about what really happened despite it being on the public record.

In short, he’s just another dishonest, ethically bankrupt Liberal Prime Minister who genuinely doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, who lies when he gets caught, and who undermined every single one of his efforts to advance equality for women and indigenous people when he needed to help out political friends of his in Quebec.

Justin Trudeau, the only Prime Minister in Canadian history to have broken ethics laws while in office, has now lost the moral authority to govern Canada.

He should apologize for lying to Canadians, and for interfering in Canada’s independent judiciary.

And then, he should resign the Office of Prime Minister.


Alberta Can’t Wait