This is how France is treating the Yellow Vests

This is how France is treating the Yellow Vests


How the French government is treating the Yellow Vests? Mainstream media don’t show the whole story. Some others, like  the independent media platform Le Vent Se Lève, fill in the gaps.

“They lost an eye, a hand, or their face was disfigured. In a split second, their lives were turned upside down, sometimes simply because they were within or around a yellow vest protest. There are more than 2000, according to official figures, that have been injured during the yellow vest demonstrations. We have interviewed more than thirty of these victims located across France in recent weeks”, Salome Saqué, Louis Covfefe and Antoine Dez write.

This is their video

Injuries‎: ‎1,843+ civilians; ~1,048+ injured police …Death(s)‎: ‎15 civilians (12 in France and 3 in Belgium…Date‎: ‎17 November 2018 – present

By late December, over 1,843 protesters and 1,048 police had been injured.Injuries included tens of facial trauma (jaws or even eyes) caused by police non-lethal weapon ammunition, nicknamed flash-ball despite not being of the type, that are supposed to be fired at the torso, not at the head, and are accurate enough for this purpose.[

As of 14 January, 94 had been seriously injured, including 14 monocular blindness and one person still in coma, had been reported