A Canadian veteran isn’t allowed to display his Canadian flag! | David Menzies

Rebel MediaPublished on Mar 19, 2019SUBSCRIBED 1.1MVISIT: http://www.FlagFreedom.com to sign the petition. Michael Mitchell must have been stunned to receive a notice from his condo board demanding that he remove a supposedly unsightly object from the front of his Ottawa home — especially when that offensive object was none other than… A Canadian flag?! Mitchell is a Major in the Royal Canadian Air Force who has served all over Canada. His father and grandfather were also military men. The irony is both perverse and profound. Major Mitchell can put his life on the line defending our country while toiling under this flag, but AXIA Property Management would prefer it if he wouldn’t fly this flag on their property. Watch as I explain the full story and you’ll see why we think this is an outrage