Do you feel like your wallet is getting a little lighter? Bank account balance not what it once was? You wouldn’t be the only one.

Prices are going up on a couple of things you use every day, starting with food.

A report in the Globe and Mail says the country’s three biggest grocery chains say they’ve raised prices over the past few months to deal with their own cost increases.

Wholesale costs for fruits and veggies have gone up.

That meant in February, the price you paid was up 14 percent over a year earlier. Dairy has become more expensive as well.

To add insult to injury, grocers say transportation costs have also been going up.

Food isn’t the only thing you’re paying more for.

You’ve probably noticed the slow climb in gas prices lately but be prepared for a huge hit come April.

Dan McTeague with says we can expect to be forking over an extra 10 cents a litre next month.

He says prices will rise five cents as of April 1st when the federal government’s carbon tax kicks is. That’s about $3 more to fill up a 60 litre tank.

In the days to follow, McTeague expects prices will go up another five cents or more, simply because of increased summertime demand.

He says the you’ll also be paying more for natural gas and propane, thanks to the carbon tax.