Nigeria: 400 Christians, Including 130 Children, Killed By Fulani Jihadists In 1st Quarter Of 2019

Christians Boko Haram Deadlier Caskets of the 2 Roman Catholic priests and 17 parishioners murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Benue on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 in Makurdi as they are given a mass burial| Twitter

90,000 Global Christian Deaths In 2018: Silence & Inaction Of Int’l Democracies Are Dangerously Rearing Xian Militias & Defensive Insurgencies Around The World

…as Nigeria lost over 400 Christian lives including 130 Children to Fulani Jihadists in Three Months of 2019

The leadership of Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law, INTERSOCIETY, is shocked and deeply dismayed by the reported loss in 2018 alone of no fewer than 90,000 Christian lives around the world and silence and inaction of the world leading int’l democracies. The Christians were hacked to death globally in 2018 for “being professed Christians”. The silence and inaction by the world leading democracies are clearly and dangerously rearing Xian militias and defensive insurgencies both those already formed and others at embryonic stages of formation around the world.

Global Overview: Christian militias and defensive insurgencies are already up and running in countries like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, New Zealand, Central African Republic (Anti-Balaka Xian militias), etc, just as new radical or Jihadist Muslim militias have sprung up in Christian dominated countries of Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic, etc; stepping up their deadly attacks against Christians.

The Seleka Muslim militias of the Central African Republic have even gone to the extent of organizing military coup to install a pro Muslim government in a country where Muslims are in acute minority. Totality of these has intractably threatened and undermined global and regional peace and made violence over faith or value-based violence protracted and irresolvable at municipal, regional and international levels; thereby putting the world at crossroads of grave uncertainties.

In Nigeria, no fewer than 2,900-3,000 Christians were hacked to death in 2018, out of the number, not less than 2,400 were killed by Fulani Jihadists or “killer Fulani Herdsmen” in renewed and escalated attacks targeted and launched at Christians and their sacred places of worship in the Middle Belt Region of Nigeria. The rest or estimated 600 others were killed in Islamist insurgency attacks particularly in the Northeast Region of Nigeria. The present central Government of Nigeria is also responsible for execution outside the law of no fewer than 970 Christians and 1,200 members of the Shiite Muslim sect since August 2015.