Kitchener removing controversial anti-abortion ads from buses

Grand River Transit is responding to concerns over anti-abortion ads on local buses. 

Lyndsey Butcher is Executive Director at the SHORE Centre.

She appeared on Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke on 570NEWS on Thursday, and said the ads are inaccurate.

“The Kitchener-Waterloo Right To Life Association has purchased five separate ads on Grand River Transit buses. All of the ads have the same text, they just have different photos of women appearing distraught. The text of the ad says abortion is linked to suicide, substance abuse, breast cancer, depression, and infertility. And not one of those conditions is actually linked to abortion.”

When asked about the right to advertise, or freedom of speech, Butcher had this to say.

“They buy ads often, we have never felt that their ads rose to the level where we had to make a complaint – but this ad in particular crosses the line. It provides false information about a medical procedure.”

In a statement, Grand River Transit confirmed the ads will be removed immediately.

It stated a review process for potentially controversial ads was not followed by a contractor, and the ads do not adhere to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.