AWFUL: After Promising To Help, Trudeau Liberals Fight Air Force Captain In Court To Deny Her Funding For Prosthetic Leg

Captain Kimberly Fawcett

Kimberly Fawcett served our nation bravely. The government has betrayed her over and over again.

During the 2015 campaign, Justin Trudeau repeatedly said that if he took office, Veterans wouldn’t have to fight ‘their own government in court’ to get the benefits they had earned.

Well, as we’ve seen, it hasn’t turned out that way.

While he rewards illegal border crossers and multinational corporations, Justin Trudeau tells Veterans they’re asking for too much, and keeps ordering the government to fight in court to deny benefits to those who put their lives on the line for our nation.

The latest example of that is the treatment of Kimberly Fawcett. For a quick rundown of what she has been through, read on:

“Both Fawcett and her husband were members of high readiness units in the Canadian Armed Forces, meaning they could be deployed overseas on short notice and at the same time.

The possibility of a sudden simultaneous deployment of both mom and dad meant the Canadian Armed Forces required the couple to devise a plan to make sure baby Keiran would always have child care, known as the Family Care Plan.

On the morning of Feb. 21, 2006, it looked like a double deployment could be in the works. Fawcett’s husband Curtis was called to the base for workup training to deploy to Africa and her unit was next in line for activation.

Fawcett executed the Family Care Plan with the approval of her commanding officer, donning her uniform and putting her son in the car to drop him at his grandparents’ house.”

Tragically, Fawcett’s vehicle slid off the icy road into the median. She then took her nine month old son and headed for the ditch to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles. But while she was in the ditch, a truck hit a semi and careened into the ditch, hitting Fawcett and her son. Fawcett’s leg was severed, and baby Kieran was thrown under a semi-truck and killed.

Clearly, the circumstances of Fawcett and her husband being in the military were a key factor in what happened, and she was an active member of the Air Force, being willing to defend Canada and serve at a moments notice. Obviously, her injury should have been considered as being when she was on duty.

Yet, for a decade, the government has steadily refused to pay for her $34,000 prosthetic leg.

Instead of keeping his promise and ending the court fights, the battle against Fawcett continued.

And while Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan ‘promised’ to help, the court fight still continued.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruled against Fawcett, siding with the federal government and rejecting her request for financial support.

It’s a sick and horrendous decision, that shows how broken and corrupt our country has become:

Omar Khadr gets $10.5 million.

Loblaw’s gets $12 million for fridges despite being owned by billionaires.

Tens of millions of our tax dollars are given to help the Jordanian Military build roads.

And yet, a Canadian Air Force Captain can’t get $34K for her prosthetic leg?

Under this government, things have truly turned upside down.

Since the government has failed to do the right thing, consider contributing to the GoFundMe for Kimberly Fawcett and help her get the support she deserves:

372 7

New Prosthetic Leg for Capt. Kimberly Fawcett

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Capt. Kimberly Fawcett was featured in a news story by Global News – she has served twice in Afghanistan, she was driving her infant son to her grandparents as it looked like she was going to be deployed again, there was a car accident that took the life her infant son and 1/2 of her leg. Our veteran affairs has declined to pay for a prosthetic leg even though she was getting ready to leave her son and get ready to deploy they say she was not on duty. This story is very sad indeed and unlike the government red tape that prevents her from the funds …this gives Canadians a chance to do the right thing and show this lady the respect she so deserves.Read Latest Update Share   Tweet 1.6k shares on Facebook  Share photos with your comment (Public)PostJWJoseph Watson6 mins ago

My Grandfather was a Korean war vet and was exposed to agent orange while at CFB Gagetown, the Government fought that for many years but eventually he won. Thankyou for your service and bravery, I am not sure I would have what it takes to survive your loss. Share LikeLMLee Mask2 hours ago

We, Canadians, should be looking after our veterans. The Liberals have no hearts, especially Seamus O’Reagan. Share LikePWPatricia Walker5 hours ago

I am disgusted by how this government has treated this woman! Share LikeGIGraham Irvine7 hours ago

Kim is a sister-in-arms who needs our help. Share LikeDMDean Maier7 hours ago

I feel the government let you down. Thank you for your service Share Like

Patricia Bennett17 hours ago

This soldier deserves our support! Thank You for your service! Share LikeJWJames White23 hours ago

Thank you for your service. Share LikeWSWalter Sijka23 hours ago

Thank You for your service to Canada Share LikeEBErik Bowen19 days ago

I hope this helps in some way. I’m sorry for your loss. Share Like

Jessie Cauley29 days ago

I had the honour of working with Capt. Fawcett when I worked at DnD several years ago. I very much admired her strength. Share LikeKLKimberley Lowrie1 month ago

The CAF had found her injury to be “attributable to military service” but a CO later changed that ruling. VAC bases their programs on the military finding the injury was attributable to military service. Given there were two findings, VAC is actually legislated to give the benefit of the doubt in favor of the Veteran so this matter should have been ruled in her favor. Kimberley has lost more then most of us could even begin to comprehend. The least Canadians can do is to offer support and let her know, the Federal Government is not representing us on this matter. My heart goes out to you.+ Read More Share1JBJag Barpagga3 months ago

As Dr. Ambedkar said: “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” If want our community to keep on growing, we need to support our mothers & sisters as much as we can. Also I respect our veterans. Share Like

John3 months ago

Anne – I would like to think that everyone that donated would be OK with her keeping it, I would imagine there are other expenses from her injury that could use some additional funds as well- John Share1

Anne3 months ago

What will happen to these funds if the government pays? Share2BGBrian Grier3 months ago

What the Military is doing to her is just Wrong. Share1

Eddie4 months ago

won’t spend 34,000 on a vet but they will give 10.5 mil to a terrorist that kills them. Share1

Eddie4 months ago

the government should be ashamed of itself. Share LikeSAsteve angerilli4 months ago

Soldiers give more than any other citizen to this country Share Like

Jarrod Stocker4 months ago

Our Veterans should be looked after in Canada. Merry Christmas Share LikeJFJamie Fera4 months ago

The government has failed another veteran. Your veteran brothers and sisters will ensure you get what you need 🙂 Share2See MoreAsk GoFundMe a QuestionReport Campaign

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