Trudeau’s RCMP are getting ready to bring ISIS terrorists from Syria to Canada

How many ISIS terrorists have gone from Canada, to Syria and Iraq, murdered and raped, and committed other war crimes — and then have been allowed to quietly return to Canada, without any legal consequences?

Don’t expect Justin Trudeau to tell us, and don’t expect Ralph Goodale to let the police tell us, either. He literally scolded Canada’s security services for naming terrorist threats to Canada — including Muslim terrorist groups and Sikh extremism. He literally instructed police and security agencies to revise their warning, to make it politically correct.

And I tell you this because now comes news that the RCMP is getting ready to escort home even more ISIS terrorists.

This story was written by Stewart Bell, who is probably the best journalist on the terrorism beat in Canada:

Turkey willing to help Canada repatriate ISIS members held in Syria, official says

The official told Global News that Turkey was willing to co-operate with the RCMP to repatriate the dozens of Canadians caught by U.S.-backed Kurdish forces during the collapse of ISIS.

And of course you know it’s going to happen.

Trudeau and the Liberals love ISIS terrorists. ISIS, as you know, is an offshoot of Al Qaida. That’s Omar Khadr’s terrorist group. Justin Trudeau gave Khadr $10.5 million , and a public apology. And, worse, he connived with Khadr’s lawyers, to secretly transfer the money to Khadr in a way that allowed Khadr to hide it from the family of the man Khadr killed.

It’s not just Khadr — three other terrorists or alleged terrorists have each been paid approximately $10 million by Trudeau in other absurd settlements.

Now, why should these terrorists be allowed back at all?

I know the technical legal argument — if they have a Canadian passport; if they’re Canadian citizens. We can argue about that; but why should Canada lift a finger to assist in bringing them back, to do negotiations, to spend money to make arrangements?

(What a contrast with how Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland ignore our two Canadians held hostage by China, Trudeau’s favourite country.)

We shouldn’t lift a finger to repatriate these ISIS terrorists to Canada.

But if they do come back, why do we not prosecute them? Why do we let them roam around Canada — in one case, to terrorize one of their rape victims.

Well, Trudeau, that’s why.

Though in fairness, Harper didn’t prosecute any of them either. Why not?

You might think: how can you put a terrorist on trial for what he did in a war zone?

When all the witnesses might be killed; when there is no evidence; when you couldn’t bring people to a trial, when you couldn’t likely convict beyond a reasonable doubt, when the “crime scene” was obliterated, when a hundred practical problems would make such a prosecution impossible? How could you possibly do that in a Canadian court?

Well, obviously you can’t. You can’t fight a war with lawyers. You can’t fight terrorists in a faraway land, with a “beyond a reasonable doubt” obsession with details and evidence and testimony. It doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t have too. Because after 9/11, we revamped our terrorism laws in Canada, to specifically deal with cases like ISIS.

TONIGHT I’ll walk you through the Canadian laws that could be used to prosecute these returning ISIS terrorists.

So why no prosecutions?

And if there have been no prosecutions so far, why would you think there would be prosecutions to come?

Justin Trudeau won’t prosecute these terrorists. He’ll praise them and pay them.