Azerbaijan’s Diplomacy as an Example to Other Countries


In the current geopolitical situation and the emerging new world order, the representatives of Azerbaijan at various international cooperation platforms are steadfast in protecting state interests. This is how experts assess the strengthening of not only domestic, but also foreign policy of Azerbaijan.

Last week the representatives of Azerbaijan welcomed the return of Russia to Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The decision was taken unanimously. All six deputies supported the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions. That is not surprising, because Azerbaijan government is really guided by the principle: “Dialogue and mutual respect are the basis for establishing normal diplomatic relations”.

Head of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE and the chairman of the Milli Majlis (National Assembly), Samad Seyidov on international and interparliamentary relations claimed that during the absence of the Russian delegation to PACE 90-95% of the issues discussed were related to Russia, therefore its absence in the Parliamentary Assembly was illogical. None of the representatives of the PACE member countries spoke so boldly and risky protecting Russia’s membership.

And this is due not only to the fact that Azerbaijan and Russia are strategic partners and neighbors. The Land of Fire demonstrates the modern understanding that global threats must be resisted by joint efforts and common fronts. The ambitions for world domination must be replaced by an awareness of consequences of the confrontation.
The more countries show determination in upholding their own interests, the faster the era of hegemonic aspirations will come to an end.

The independent Azerbaijani statehood is Heydar Aliyev’s political-scientific heritage. The return of the national leader to power created the opportunity to form the theoretical and practical foundations of the state.
The national leader ensured the solution of numerous tasks facing the country, where territorial integrity was violated. That time Azerbaijan was in a state of war and faced threats coming from various directions. Heydar Aliyev precisely defined all the details of building an independent state. He specified the basic principles and directions of foreign policy with great foresight.

Currently, his son, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev continues to successfully develop this course. Ensuring of continuity in foreign policy and appling of the course of Heydar Aliyev in accordance with modern realities are the main reasons for the success of Azerbaijani diplomacy achieved at the international level in a short time.