Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inducts Rick Astley, Milli Vanilli, Tiffany and Others.

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Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inducts Newest Members Including Rick Astley and Tiffany. Singaling reporting for Singaling Press. With assistance by Reporter Keebs. Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland inducted its newest nominees, welcoming them into the fold. However, it was not without some controversy. Some critics accused the Hall of Fame of having lost the plot and inducting unworthy and subpar artists. Said one music journalist: “If you’re going to induct Rick Astley, why not just induct everyone who’s ever cut a record?!” He added, “My cousin in Alabama recorded a song when she was 17. It sold exactly 3 copies, but it wasn’t a bad song. Why not induct her, too?!”


As mentioned, Rick Astley, famous for his smash hit Never Gonna Give You Up and a viral internet craze involving the same song which has been called “Rick and Roll”, in which people unsuspectingly click on links only to be taken to a Youtube viewing of said hit, was inducted. Rick thanked his fans and his Mom. Saying, “I had no idea my brief success decades ago would lead to a Hall of Fame induction. I’m honestly overwhelmed!” Rick them performed a few of his hits live at the Induction Ceremony but was booed off the stage as the audience hurled obscenities and chucked cabbage at the stage. Milli Vanilli were also inducted, which caused outrage by the already fed up audience and hoots of derision from protestors who had showed up because they were upset Milli Vanilli were being inducted. One protestor called them “Fake ” and others screamed they were a hoax and disgraced and should not be inducted.


Also inducted, was Tiffany, a singer who famously once did a Malls of America tour and made a brief splash with her number 1# hit cover of the song I Think We’re Alone Now originally done by Tommy James and the Shondells in the 1960s. Inducted as well was 1970s disco hitmaker Leo Sayer. He also famously quit Britain’s Big Brother TV show when he became outraged that he had no clean socks to wear on the show. Leo ran on stage as his name was announced and gushed gratefully and thanked everyone who had stood by him all these years. Donna Lewis, who’s hit 1980s song Always Forever was a smash 2# hit was also inducted but could not attend the ceremony as she was on tour performing at bars and small cafes across America.


Also inducted were The Starland Vocal Band, who’s iconic 1# smash hit Afternoon Delight was a Grammy-winning sensation back in the 1970s. Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, Rockstar Supernova (Producer) fame was at the ceremony and bemoaned the horrible quality of the inductees, saying “I think I’m gonna throw up. Jane’s Addiction is far more worthy of this honor then any of these pathetic and wimpy acts!” A representative of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Martin Snorklehead, defended the inductions stating that while there may be controversy and the acts might not be to everyone’s tastes, the artists truly deserved to be inducted. He added, “All of these artists are worthy of induction … we also appreciate their donations to the Hall of Fame over the years. Not that their generous offerings had anything whatsoever to do with their having been inducted!” Reporting for Singaling Press, I’m Singaling. Additional research by Keebs.

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