Megastar Crooner, Jake Williamson Caught Up In Scandal. Accused Of Playing Fans For Fools!



Megastar Crooner, Jake Williamson Caught Up In Scandal. Accused Of Playing Fans For Fools!


Singaling reporting for Singling Press


A scandal has broken out that has left music fans at odds with each other and even some music critics speculating. Is syrupy crooner, Jake Williamson, a superstar balladeer with a reputation for being a Mama’s boy and an overly soft performer who adores each and every one of his fans actually a bad boy from the Bronx who is pulling a fast one on adoring fans and music critics alike? Jake, who has enjoyed massive success with songs that are soft, mellow and romantic to a fault is accused of playing his fans for fools. Critics and even many music artists are often quoted gagging and even mimicking vomiting when the topic of Jake’s music comes up! Jake often can be found on Twitter send love notes to fans and thanking them endlessly for their “Love and kisses and support” for his syrupy songs which one critic has said make ‘80s ballad hitmakers Air Supply seem like heavy metal in comparison’. Jake recently topped the R&B and Hot 100 Billboard charts with a 12- minute remake of the oooy gooey 80s hit “Ooh La La” by the Perfect Gentlemen. He has sold well over 150 million records and is despised by both critics and peers for his over-the-top love affair with his fans whom he often calls “My Sweetest Babies.”


Last week, a cousin of Jake’s from New Jersey came out to set the record straight saying that Jake is not the loving and passionate singer and crooner he claims to be. He claims Jake is a former drug dealer from the Bronx with a violent past and who is playing his fans for fools. Claiming his public image is all an act. Even stating that Jake over has to do takes over and over in the recording studio when singing his mushy lyrics due to his laughing so hard and being unable to sing without doubling over in fits of laughter. Said his cousin. Drake, “He’s a bad guy from the Bronx! The whole crooning softy thing is an act! He’s not a nice guy. It’s all about the bling and he funded his first sessions by selling crack in the hood. He’s rich and famous and he actually laughs at his fans behind his back. He is a good actor and has fooled a lot of people, but he’s no nice guy, sheesh!” A longtime acquaintance of Jake’s agrees. Saying, “He claims to be a conservative with right wing and family values, but he voted for Hillary in the last election and actually sent AOC flowers and chocolates last month and encouraged Maxine Waters to “Impeach Trump!”


For his part, Jake refuses to give in to the rumors and accusations. Saying to the press recently, “ I love my Sweetest Babies, my fans. I love them with all my heart. These false accusations hurt me right down to the bottom of my heart, which is deep inside my body! I am in love with my fans and they mean the world to me! My heart aches when people come out and say these things and I have spent many nights this past week sitting alone in the dark and crying tears of sadness over these hurtful and painful allegations.” The fallout from this scandal is perculiar to say the least. Rolling Stone recently reviewed Jake’s brand new album entitled “Sweet Kisses From Mr Lovey Dovey” and rated it 1 star out of 5 (If he’s actually serious!). And also gave it a 2nd rating 5 stars out of 5 (If the whole thing’s a act!). Fans everywhere are getting caught up in the debate but continue to support Jake in droves. His new album debuted atop the Billboard 200 Album charts with sales of 3 million copies sold in its first 2 weeks of release. His brand new single, “I Adore You My Sweetest Baby” debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Is Jake a crooner who loves his fans and wears his heart on his sleeve? Or is he a con man with a love for the bling putting on an Oscar-worthy performance that has netted him millions and worldwide fame? Stay tuned! Reporting for Singlaing Press, I’m Singaling.



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