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Video: Algerians Tear Down Statue of General de Gaulle in France

Onlookers cheer as statue of France’s legendary WW2 leader is removed from plinth.

A video out of Evreux, France shows Algerian migrants tearing down a statue of General Charles de Gaulle while cheering vociferously.

The statue is wrapped in Algerian flags as fireworks fly by and the sound of motobike engines being revved can be heard.

Damien Rieu@DamienRieu


À #Évreux, la statue du Général de Gaulle a été frappée, recouverte de drapeaux étrangers et arrachée par les supporters de l’#Algérie.
Voici la vidéo.1,6109:34 AM – Jul 25, 2019

At one point, one of the Algerians attempts to drop-kick the statue before it is finally pushed down to the cheers of onlookers.

The footage was shot in the aftermath of the Algerian soccer team’s Africa Cup of Nations victory.

In another video, an Algerian migrant states, “We did faster than the Germans we took Paris in 3 hours.”

Damien Rieu@DamienRieu

Un supporter algérien : « on a fait plus vite que les Allemands on a pris Paris en 3h. » 16K2:07 AM – Jul 15, 2019

Another clip shows an Algerian proclaiming to the camera, “France used to colonize us, but today we colonize them.”

DE Reports@DE_Reports

“France used to colonize us, but now we colonize France!” – More video footage of Africans saying their true intentions so everybody can hear it, after Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations (football). Can it get any more obvious?6376:13 AM – Jul 21, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy542 people are talking about this

As we previously reported, Algerian soccer fans caused chaos in the aftermath of their team’s win in cities across France, looting shops, robbing victims and attacking police.

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