Exclusive! Aliens Visit Earth In Hopes Of Ending “Alienism”. Hatred, Bigotry and Stereotyping Of Aliens.


Exclusive! Aliens Visit Earth In Hopes Of Ending “Alienism”. Hatred, Bigotry and Stereotyping Of Aliens.


Singaling reporting for Singlaing Press

Today, the White House held a press briefing and made a shocking announcement that included a couple of special guests from another world! White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham spoke to reporters and announced that Earth had been contacted by aliens from a distant galaxy. The aliens, who are peaceful and loving, met with White House staff and President Trump this morning. Despite what might seem like vast implications and a major worldwide event with overwhelming repercussions, their message today was simple: The aliens have been observing our planet from afar and are aghast at what they have seen and heard. Simply, they are upset about the ongoing prevalence of what they refer to as “Aliensim.” That is to say, the discrimination, hatred and bigotry against alien beings and Extraterrestrials as portrayed by humans in everyday life, movies, books, music and on social media on the worldwide web. They feel they are being stereotyped and portrayed at times in a manner that is judgmental, hateful and bigoted. They say it must stop and that laws need to be passed in all countries to stamp out “Alienism.”


Stephanie Grisham introduced two of the aliens who had agreed to attend the press briefing and make their intentions and wishes clear to the human race. The two aliens were tall, thin and grey in appearance, with large cartoonish eyes. They were seated and took questions. This reporter asked then if aliens actually do love M&Ms and if they needed any at the present time. The aliens responded positively and M&Ms were hastily fetched and given to the aliens who scarfed them down hungrily. One of the aliens, when asked where their spaceship was parked at that moment replied, “It’s presently resting at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and it’s cloaked and invisible, so don’t try any funny business. We’re not taking any humans back to our home planet. You are basically an insane and infantile race. We are very upset that we are being portrayed as clichés and taken for granted! We are a loving and compassionate race of beings and we are also very hungry. We demand you bring us 125 tons of M&MS and give them to us. We were given the ones you just provided us at this press briefing and a little boy in a nearby town also gave us some. We also went for a ride on his bike and met his family and hung out with them for a few days. We were in hiding as bad people from your govt were hunting us and searching for our spacecraft. We hope in the future you will respect our privacy and our rights. This is not one of your Hollywood movies. This is reality and the truth is you humans have a lot of growing up to do. Either respect the fact that we are a peaceful and loving race of aliens or we will blow your planet to Kingdom come!”


With that said, the press briefing came to an uncomfortable and quick end. As the aliens were escorted back inside the White House, New York Rep AOC suddenly arrived at the press briefing and demanded to know what was going on. When informed that aliens were visiting Earth, she insisted that they be given full rights, American citizenship and access to housing, food, finances and free healthcare and education. She then remembered she was double parked and left to move her SUV. But not before grabbing several bags of M&MS and shoving them greedily into her mouth and reminding reporters that the world was going to come to an abrupt end in less than twelve years and that we should all just pack up and go live with our new alien overlords!. For Singaling Press, I’m Singaling.



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